being sick is teh suck too!!!!!!11!!!!!1111!!

about a week ago i bought hank iii’s new album straight to hell. it was put out on bruc records, evidently a sub-label for curb. i’ve listened through the first disc a number of times. he recorded it himself on pretty cheap equipment. it sounds good. i’m still in sort of a love-hate relationship with hank iii. i think he has a pretty cool sound, and i like some of the alt/rebel stuff, but he’s just a little too far gone in a lot of ways for me.
i also finally got the tex williams and his western caravan that’s what i like about the west cd (asv records out of england) i purchased on ebay. i haven’t listened through it yet.
i started feeling sick monday night. i decided to start taking vitamin c and zinc. tuesday it was just the upper back of my throat, feeling a bit scratchy. tuesday night i went out for the first time in a long time, and i felt worse through the night. wednesday i decided to take day-quil to get me through the day. i took some sick time while at work. i got through the show. today i stayed home. i didn’t take any day-quil, and i felt about as bad as yesterday, if not worse. i was hoping taking a day off would make me better for friday. we shall see.

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