a new lease on life. or maybe a mortgage.

a few months ago i had started looking for a new place to live. that sort of sputtered, but i’ve picked it up again. i had kind of decided i was going to live in either a nice place or a hellhole. (i could save a lot of money living in a hellhole, you see.) but to be honest, living in my house has pretty much been living in a hellhole: tamara and i jacked it up over the years, plus it developed plenty of problems on its own. it was a major source of distress, stress, and agony during our marriage.
so i’m looking at nicer places now, thinking it might help my mental footing and socialization. plus i lived in moderately priced generic places forever before getting married, so i didn’t want to go back to that mediocre sameness. i’ll most likely end up in downtown or midtown, maybe east of 59 if a nice place at a decent price pops up. hopefully a loft. unfortunately, i don’t make the kind of money that would put me easily into a good loft. but i might be able to find something decent in my price range. the main thing i want to get rid of is the commute. G-d, i hate commuting. so we’ll see what happens.
it’ll also be nice to get rid of the house because of tamara and/or her hired muscle. you see, the house has been a thorn in my side for years, but they’ve done a good job of making sure everything is more painful and difficult than it needs to be. (yea, lawyers — you’re the tops.) i’ll detail their actions and my response at some point in the future.
in entirely separate news, i finished reading brave new world by aldous huxley saturday. (incidentally, he was the grandson of thomas huxley. thomas was a contemporary and staunch defender of charles darwin…so much so he was referred to as “darwin’s bulldog”.) i was thoroughly impressed by the book. which i suppose i should be, considering it’s a classic and all. but it really threw around some grand concepts and quandries, things that still have weight and substance (maybe even more so) in these days and times (impressive considering it was written as futuristic). it dealt with religion, class structure and society, happiness, responsibility, individuality, and so on. if you’ve not read it, i really suggest you give it a go.
this last sunday i went to church. man, sometimes i don’t know why i keep going. which isn’t a statement about my faith, but about me, church culture, church activities, and how it all makes me feel.
wednesday after the show i went with jay lee, barrett, robb zipp, and kd5gzi to the flying saucer for the yuri’s night – world space party.
friday i had off from work. i didn’t go home this weekend because i’m on call. (joy.) so friday afternoon i did my taxes. unlike last year, i managed to get them submitted in time and i didn’t owe thousands of dollars. which bodes well for the perceived stability of my finances.
friday night i went over to brad and jason’s to a party they were having. brad played lots of johnny cash and 16 horsepower in the pool room, which rocked, but for the most part i felt like an outsider. “i go out on a party, to look for a little fun…”

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