whatever i feel like i want to do. gosh!

monday i went over to the potts house to help jack clean, but the troops were gone and the colonel decided he’d had enough. not one to deny a request to not clean, i concurred. so we watched the beginning of best in show (because the dvd was borked) and all of the 40 year old virgin. i’d seen it before, but it’s still funny.
tuesday i took off the day from work and drove to austin, picked up my brother, then drove on to fredericksburg and went to the funeral for my great aunt. she was the last living sibling of my grandmother on my dad’s side. i’m not good at keeping in touch, and i don’t know most of my extended family very well, but funerals in general give me a chance to be pretty contemplative — especially after the major difficulties in my life from the end of what i thought was my future. after the funeral i went with my parents and brother to mamacita’s. my parents told stories about when they were first married, laughing at what were at the time difficulties and trying situaions, misunderstandings, funny things, etc. it made me think of all the shared stories i had with tamara. stories i can never share like that, stories that no one else can appreciate and bond with me over. that doesn’t mean i can’t make new stories and history with someone else, but the loss of what i did have is still difficult. those are unique events in my life, now stripped of their meaning. after eating i dropped my brother back off in austin and headed back to houston.
wednesday i was supposed to drop my bike off, but i didn’t plan it well enough and couldn’t make it in time and still make it back into houston for the radio show. so instead i dropped by tropioca on milam near elgin to check it out for the monthly show gatherings. i gave it a thumbs up, we’ll see what the others think. i usually intro the show these days, and i sort of wait for inspiration at the last second on what to do or say. this week it was an extended pause and then a few zombified call for “brains!”. that sort of infected the rest of the show, humorously enough.
thursday i took a half day to drop the bike off. after work, i headed over to chip’s for a goodbye party for hans. they were taking hans to be put to sleep friday morning.
friday i ended up not doing much of anything. i did get an order i’d placed with bloodshot records…

  • spade cooley – shame on you
  • hank penny – crazy rhythm
  • robbie fulks – south mouth

and late in the day wild west honda called to let me know my bike was ready to be picked up. that was nice, because the weekend was supposed to be good and i was under the impression the bike wouldn’t be ready for a number of days.
saturday i picked up my bike and also got another pair of goggles. (after riding the bike around most of saturday, i’m not sure they really did a very good job of tuning the carbs for my pipes. it seems like it has more backfiring and doesn’t run as smoothly. gah.) after giving jack and sue my futon frame, i spent the rest of the evening riding around with brad, then brad and jason. i/we hit the petrol station, cactus music, la carafe, and the house of pies. at the house of pies someone came in and asked if those were our bikes out front. when we said they were, he said “who owns the one with the plate H-4-X-R?” i raised my hand and he asked “that was intentional…it wasn’t random, right?” i smiled and said it was intentional. nice to have someone get it.

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  1. but it’s obvious from seeing my plate that there can be only four letters on it. so i thought to myself, “what would vanilla ice do?” then it hit me: “lose the zero, get with the hero.”

  2. mmmm…Tropioca.
    Try the avocado smoothie. I know it sounds crazy, but it is great. Even better with tapioca pearls. Jo and I are still pissed that with all the asian people in Seattle and Vancouver, the best bubble tea place we have ever been to is Tropioca. In fact, we’ve stopped searching.

  3. the wrinkle with the avocado smoothie is that i don’t like avocados. (however, i think you may have piqued natalie’s interest.) i do like smoothies though, and i do like tapioca pearls.
    when i was there i got a tropical milk tea with pearls. barrett (from the radio show) prefers the tea house. i guess there are two in houston — one in the hong kong mall and the other by uofh downtown. i’m not sure what drink he is judging by…when i’ve seen him with a drink from there it appeared to be some kind of tea, not a smoothie.

  4. I mostly got the teas. The cool thing about tropioca is that they actually used tea (hot water filtered through dried leaves) instead of the usual non-descript colored, flavored powders. I can understand tea, but I don’t know what that powdered stuff is. The avocado smoothie is not too avocadoee. You should convince someone else to order one and try some of theirs just so you can experience it. It is so different from avocado you are used to having, you just might like it.

  5. i dropped by tropioca again last night. i chose the banana caramel frozen coffee, with pearls. i did notice they had an avocado smoothie on the menu though.

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