stay on target…stay on target!

man, i’ve been sucked into work-mode. this whole week i’ve been pretty focused on getting some mail server tasks done. last night i stayed up until 4am upgrading mail servers, so i slept in and got to work after lunch. i ate lunch by myself at empire, which was nice…except for the “by myself” part. ah well. i’m afraid my personality and tendencies have made that one thing i’ll have plenty of to look forward to in the future. too bad tamara went mental, she was a really cool person overall until she had an affair and took half of everything. ha.
it’d be kind of nice if you could sort of stop life while you regroup. unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way and i’m afraid i’m watching too much life slip away. but i guess most people have plenty of problems they have to deal with too. i just sort of figured i’d get married to some cool girl, have a good marriage, have a kid or two, be a decent dad, and generally be okay with life. it’s not really working out for me at this point.
when all the infertility stuff and house issues and everything were all going crazy i used to wish life could just be simple. i didn’t really mean i wanted tamara to have an affair and leave me. although i guess in some ways things are simpler now. instead of worrying about what i do have, i get to worry about what i don’t have. 🙂
i know what i need to turn my frown upside down… i need to start doing a podcast or two! (that’s what you expected me to say, right?) what says “emotionally well-adjusted” and “ready to enjoy life” more than doing some low-quality, almost completely ignored and boring recordings that you make available online? that’s what i thought.

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  1. “it’d be kind of nice if you could sort of stop life while you regroup.”
    I love this statement. It is very thought provoking and I feel the exact same way. Awesome.
    As for podcasting, I personally think it is a GREAT idea. “That’s what you expected me to say, right?” Well yeah, it probably is because I think I’ve already mentioned to you that I am seriously looking into doing one too. Except for mine is going to be with a long distance friend (who currently uses dial-up) so we have a few hurdles to overcome there. But we will.
    So what is yours going to be about? An extension of your blog? Will it be the Failurecast? Ooo, yeah – good stuff Maynard.

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