something is horribly wrong

saw this on my desktop on march 15th and decided to take a screenshot…


see anything odd? ; )
for the record, these are not the “odd” thing i was looking for:
[1] yes, i have a box named “h4x0r”
[2] yes, i have a box named “slacker”
[3] yes, that was originally from a 1680×1050 screen
[4] no, i partially obscured the fqdns myself
[5] no, those blue circles and lines and zoomed views were added by me as hints
and for those of you who feel inclined to warn others about me…
[6] yes, i have a red-tinted drawing of a pistol as my background

6 comments on “something is horribly wrong”

  1. You mean the fact that a Linux kernel is getting a Windows automatic updater? I figured you, being the haxor that you are, must be running the Linux in vmware or crossover office or something….

  2. Must you ?!?!?! Sheesh. You need to better prepare us for such hot blog entries, we are only mere mortals for crying out loud.
    Anyway, I see something odd – it’s totally obvious. I find it very odd that the items you zoom in on start off as ovals but once zoomed they turn into rectangles. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen anywhere else in the universe. Very strange. Good luck solving *that* mystery.

  3. where the heck you been, mooblade? spawning?
    actually, what was happening was that i had a citrix session opened for outlook, which was in another virtual desktop window. the windows citrix server then popped up that window on my current desktop. rather humorous to see a windows pop-up on a linux box saying the automatic update is almost finished and i’ll need to reboot for the changes to take effect.
    jamie — i think that happens in the same place in the universe where people steal purses but don’t take anything from them. 😉

  4. Microsoft is kind of like roaches. No matter how many you kill, there are still hundreds living in your wall, just waiting for the opportunity to update themselves.

  5. Holy guacamole! I was seriously going to guess that! Like,I knew the Windows pop-up window was -wrong-. So what do I win? I mean for almost guessing part of the answer correctly? I’ve gotta win *something* for that.
    Hey. And it still remains to be seen whether or not I’ve had my identity stolen – apparently that is the latest scam – stealing people’s purses, wallets, tdls, etc., taking pictures of all of the numbers on everything and then returning it quickly as to not arouse any suspicion. The people at the bank say this has been happening more and more lately. Although we now know where this guy lives and all so I am not sure … doesn’t seem to make a ton of sense to me. Either way it doesn’t matter, I’ve had everything canceled and I subscribe to a credit monitoring service so if he applies for anything in my name, I’ll know immediately.

  6. How about a Linux joke to go along with the thread —-
    A penguin is driving down the road when his car starts to give him all kinds of trouble…the engine sputters, steam pours out of his hood and
    there’s fluids pouring out on the road.
    He pulls into a garage and the mechanic tells him it’ll be at least a half-hour until he can even tell him what the problem is.
    The penguin walks around, has a cup of coffee and then comes across an ice cream shop, where he orders a double vanilla cone, getting it all
    over his face.
    He goes back to the garage and asks the mechanic if he’s found the problem.
    The mechanic looks up and tells him ‘Looks like you’ve blown a seal.’
    The penguin says ‘No! No! Really, I just had an ice cream cone!’

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