dropping in

last week on monday i got free tickets to the rodeo. pretty nice tickets. third deck, free food and drinks. (thanks netapp and the people before me that passed the tickets on!) i got them monday afternoon and had to ask someone with short notice. someone who might like going to the rodeo. so i asked a friend from work, she went, and we had a good time. leeann rimes wasn’t too exciting, and the sound wasn’t good, but the food and company were. in addition to seeing some rodeo for the first time in i don’t know how long, i also tried a deep-fried dessert for the first time: fried cheesecake. interesting. (they also had twinkies, oreos, and some other things.)
last wednesday after the show i watched lord of war with jack. it was interesting and the style was decent, but sometimes it was a little heavy in the preaching or statement department, and it really detracted from things. speaking of movies, i really need to return my netflix movies and get another round.
last night i watched v for vendetta with raj. he had free passes for the new spike lee film, but it was full up so we had to find something else to do. i really liked the graphic novel back in the day, but i’ve not read it in so long i have forgotten most of the details. i’d heard some negative reviews of the movie, but i enjoyed it. i liked the visuals, i thought they did a good job getting “emotion” from a main character who wears a complete-coverage face mask. some of the “points” were preachy or a bit too obvious, but given the origin and subject matter, that’s not too surprising. it’s certainly better than the average comic-to-movie end result.
i’ve actually had a lot of events going on lately, but i don’t feel at liberty to say much at this point. let’s just say i seem to be finding yet more reasons to dislike lawyers and the whole system that has been set up for them to showcase their manipulation and bullying tactics. fortunately, right now they appear to be backing off. let’s hope that trend holds. i’m tired of being a marionette in the legal system. one of these days i’ll release the details.

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  1. I had a criminal justice teacher who was a police officer. He always pronounced lawyers as liars with a southern drawl. He was definitely from the south, but I think he accentuated it when saying lawyers. It always struck me as amusing, and it still does.
    They are showing V for Vendetta at the Imax here. I think I’ll go see it. Batman Begins was amazing on the Imax screen.

  2. i can completely hear that correctly in my head. it is pretty amusing. kind of like jackie gleason’s southern wife in _the toy_ when she says his name: “u.s.”. (a movie i barely remember, but oddly i remember that about it.)
    raj actually compared _v…_ to batman. at least as a character, if not in style and/or substance. i was pretty pleased with _batman begins_. they stayed true to the feel and storyline of the comics, but managed to keep it from coming across as complete cheese.

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