at least my vehicles haven’t caught fire

i ended up working until 1am saturday (sunday morning). afterward, i picked up jamie and natalie (from two different locations) and we went to the house of pies on westheimer. even though they were out of bayou goo, i still <3 the house of pies. sunday afternoon/evening i went for a ride out to magnolia with brad and jason. and i managed to get sue to come along. unfortunately, we left a bit later than planned and stayed a bit longer than planned, and it got kind of chilly. it wasn't horrible, but it was colder than i'd planned for. not really the best ride as an intro for sue, but i think she enjoyed the overall experience enough to look past the cold and go for another ride during the day when it's warmer. i ended up talking a fair bit with kelly's (brad's g/f) sister's husband. it just happened a few days before, but once again i ended up talking to someone who grew up in central Texas around san angelo and was familiar with brady and llano and mason. (and even art!) how odd to have that happen twice in such a short amount of time. cactus music is closing. 🙁 march 31st will be its last day. i'd only been there a few times most of my years in houston, but over the last couple of years i'd shopped there a number of times. i got more into stuff they carry. true, retail chains are starting to carry greater selections and more diversity, and the internet has led to the ability to find almost anything, but there is something to be said for ye olde local brick-and-mortar music store. oh well, houston isn't really known for supporting a music scene. monday night i watched a tale of two sisters. it’s a korean horror film. and unlike oldboy, it really is a psychological horror film. the story is complex and unfolds very nicely, leaving a lot of room for interpreting what you watched. the visuals are really impressive. it is not a splatter-fest, but about 15 minutes after the movie was over i realized my body ached because i’d been tense for most of it. and the revealing of the truths really punches you in the gut. i was somewhat unsure about watching yet another asian “extreme” film, but this one stood out and in a good way.
i made an appointment today to take my bike in next week to get the carbs re-jetted for my new straight baffles. hopefully that will clean up the sound on my bike. stephen got his tank painted by a guy up in northwest houston…i might have to look into that. plus i need some highway pegs. and…and… (it never has to stop.)
speaking of vehicles, sue called me tuesday afternoon and let me know their volvo was on fire. apparently the whole family was cruising up montrose near 59 when sue noticed things on fire falling from the car. jack stopped the car and everyone got out, but the engine was metal toast. some mechanics and restaurant staff from nearby places came with fire extinguishers. and evidently someone called the fire department. how exciting is that?

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  1. Oh my goodness!! I am glad that Sue and crew are okay. That is so scary … wtf IS that?
    I have a Final Cactus Shopping List that I have been compiling since they announced the closing.
    I know a guy that paints motorcycles. He is AWESOME. I think he has a portfolio too. I’ll check.

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