catching up…again…

let’s see…
monday and tuesday of last week i tried to clean up my place some because…
wednesday natalie came over and we watched the girl in the cafe. the characters were interesting and visually it was interesting enough, but the politics and emotional heart-string tugging got a bit heavy-handed. i liked the acting and the interplay of the awkward main characters the most i think. kelly macdonald (the main female role) kept reminding me of someone, but i never figured out exactly who. i didn’t see any roles she’s done on imdb that clicked for it either.
thursday i went and saw the wild river band play at blanco’s. i took my bike and met brad, kelly, and jason at empire (where they’d eaten) and then headed over to blanco’s. natalie showed up a bit later. it was cool to see the band again, i don’t think they’d played a public show in a while. there was this old man in a snazzy white suit with about 1″ square black checker boxes over parts of it, wearing a white sailor cap (think skipper from gilligan’s island), and a very sheer white panama shirt. he had roses and was handing them to women and asking them to dance with him. (i’ve seen him at blanco’s a few other times i’ve been there, actually.) kelly had wanted to dance but brad wouldn’t and i was hesitant, so i motioned the old guy over. kelly danced with him, but he was pulling her close and kissing her cheeks and…well…he was a bit of a dirty old man. i kind of felt guilty afterward. i think maybe brad was a bit annoyed. but can you threaten an old man in a sailor hat? that’s probably what he banks on. *laugh*
friday was the geek gathering for the radio show. after the gathering i went home and jamie and i ended up watching being john malkovich.
saturday i watched 3-iron. it was pretty cool, but not incredible or anything. the storyline was intriguing, and the characters were interesting. i think i might be missing something due to cultural differences or something. it was odd how the movie took a very eastern mysticism kind of turn about 2/3 of the way through. i hadn’t really noticed such an element before then, so it kind of threw me.
in the early afternoon, natalie picked me up to be her guest for a night on the town she’d won through work. i got to eat at sambuca for free, as well as have a bunch of free drinks at the magnolia hotel and at sambuca. natalie and joanna and i went down to the continental club to see the gourds, but it was really crowded so we left. we went back to sambuca and i had a couple more drinks and smoked my pipe. the big downside was the dress was “business/dress casual”, which meant i had to go out and buy a new pair of pants (dark grey cargo-style pants from old navy…but without pockets…i can’t admit i own khakis or slacks). even having to wear such unsettling pants, it was a good time.
sunday i finally finished putting together my new cd rack. i got it mostly together a few days before, but the bolt-n-nut tightening process kept leaving it a bit twisted. i figured out a methodology that worked eventually. i got most of my country and rock/alt cds on it. (i have yet to put my xian cds on it. i hope they all fit.) the rack was not as wide as i had expected it to be, so i actually was able to fit it between my entertainment center and speaker without having to move anything. i think i’m going to like it quite a bit — it holds a lot of cds without taking up much space, and they’re easy to see, move around, pull out and put in, rearrange, etc.
around 1:30pm — about the time i was going to take a shower — jennifer called. she was on her way back to her house from meeting her ex to drop off her kids. seeing as i had recently cleaned my place (how convenient!), i asked her if she wanted to drop by. she originally said yes, but called a bit later because she’d decided she needed to get home and wouldn’t have time. i was in the shower when she called back, so i now have another message on my machine from her. *laugh* we’ll see how long this one lasts. she called back a bit later and we had a nice talk while she was driving back to her house.
in the afternoon i headed over on my bike to chris’s place (who had the meat and martini party) to watch the super bowl. i had a bit of a hard time staying awake, being light on sleep after the “night on the town”.
monday after work i watched the wild parrots of telegraph hill with natalie, who’d found herself with a free evening late in the day. it was interesting and pretty enjoyable. it didn’t make me plan on adopting any birds any time soon though. the movie was put out by docurama, the same folk who put out slasher. i watched that a year or so ago. it’s about a guy who goes from company to company (mostly car dealerships) on weekends doing those “all cars most go” “slasher” sales to help them get rid of stale inventory. that was a pretty cool documentary, and i recommend it.
yesterday i sent off two of the three netflix dvds. i held back on sending in 3-iron because i’m thinking about watching it with the director’s commentary to see if i can get any interesting insight on what he was thinking or trying to say with the movie. after work i headed off to the flying saucer to participate in triva night with kymberlie, sketkar, natalie, and others. afterward, most of us headed over to sambuca. i headed home after that, then sue came over and we talked for a while.
today: radio show after work. another fundraising show. they’re a necessary evil since kpft is non-profit community radio station.

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  1. Wow. You sure spend a lot of time with this Natalie person. Have you thought about taking her to Spain?

  2. Speaking of Kelly MacDonald, you should check out Intermission. It was set in working class Ireland and was hilarious. I think it came out in 2004 (no, it was 2003 according to IMDB) and was one of my favorites of that year. I have seen several of the “unknown” character actors in that movie in good movies since. You’ll recognize Colm Meaney and Colin Farrell, but that may be it. Jo and I (and everyone else I know who’s seen it) thouroughly enjoyed it.

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