i’m great at parties

saturday afternoon i went with sue and the potts’ kids over to jamie’s for her son hayden’s 6th birthday party. all of the other adults dropped their kids off and left. i thought it was somewhat odd, but evidently that’s how things are done once kids reach a certain age. (which i guess i thought would be older.) jamie was quite the party planner. i hope when her kids get older they can appreciate the time and effort she puts into being a mom. having a lot of friends who are parents now, including single/divorced parents, i can say with some certainty it ain’t an easy task.
saturday evening i ate out with natalie, then we watched swingers. or at least i watched swingers. she did admirably compared to usual, staying mostly awake through probably at least 2/3rd of the film. swingers is such a cool film.
sunday i went to church. i used to go to beth moore, but i kind of stopped doing that and just go to the main evening service now. everyone tells me i should try going to a singles group, but it’s hard to want to. i know part of it is my pessimism, but i’ve always felt like an outsider and like i didn’t really belong in church singles groups. it’d be really cool if there were people like me, but i always end up feeling like the only thing we really have in common is the church we go to. it’s almost easier to hang out with people who accept me but i know we don’t have the same worldview, than to hang out with people who i feel like don’t really understand me but we should have the same worldview. plus i think on some level i have this idea that if i’m going to meet someone who i could date and possibly marry, it’d be at church. going there and being let down is like crushing the only hope left. which is kind of stupid i admit, but it’s hard to not get discouraged when you don’t have good experiences every now and then. i mean, i like being unique and being myself, but sometimes it’s not so cool feeling isolated. i realize at least some level of this is due to my own personality and thoughts. but for good or bad, that’s a part of who i am.
sunday night i watched oldboy. i was pretty excited about seeing it. visually it was a real treat. the story was pretty interesting as well. but i don’t think it lived up to the marketing description, as i didn’t feel it really played out like a psychological thriller from hitchcock. it had some pretty graphic violence which made me squirm sometimes, and the big plot twists were pretty disturbing. as i said at the beginning though, i thought it had some really cool visual sequences.

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