cd organization

i used to be meticulous about my cds. i may be disorganized and lazy and sloven about any number of other things in my life, but my cds were always tip-top. not only continually properly organized alphabetically, but by date of release per artist/group, broken into a few simple genres, and the cds were always placed in the case so they were right-side up and perfectly aligned. this fell into quite a level of disarray over the last few years. (hhmmm…high fidelity anyone?)
but no more! or at least on the way to no more! one thing i did over my three day weekend (that i failed to mention before) was i started going through all of my cds. i quickly determined that i needed to buy some new kind of cd shelving or cabinet(s). tamara and i had bought a couple of multimedia cabinets years ago from ikea, but i wasn’t all that excited by them and i only ever put one together. a couple of months ago i gave the still-boxed one to my brother, and hopefully i’ll be giving the other one to him very soon. (he’s been getting a lot of stuff i’m burning through.)
i started half-heartedly looking around back when i gave him that one unit, but i could never find anything i was too excited by. (i tend to like stuff that keeps everything visible instead of behind solid doors, but that looks cool and is fairly sleek and/or minimalist.) then i remembered some i’d seen…either a friend had one or i saw it in a store or in magazines or something. i couldn’t remember the name of the company, but once i started doing some google searches i eventually hit on it. so today i placed my order for the boltz cd-600 floor-standing cd rack unit. it’s a little over 5.5 feet tall with 11 shelves, holding approximately 600 cds. i chose the “anthracite metallic” finish.
while you’re at the boltz site, check out the raw steel multimedia cabinets. i’d love to have a couple of the double cabinets, but there’s no way i’m spending that sort of dough at this point in my life on that. although i am sort of eyeing one of the bed frames…(still not sure it’s worth that though)…

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