southern hunting culture

actually, i didn’t go hunting while i was home. i haven’t been hunting in a number of years. i just like the sound of the phrase and how for a time it was one of the favored catch-phrase/sound-byte “reasons” for school violence. some of them media folk are real swift.
i did go out to the gun range and put about 100 rounds through my kel-tec .380 and walter ppk/s. they had no problems with any of the ammo, including hollow-points. very nice.
my charles daly, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well. when i first got it some months back, it was having problems misfeeding. my dad seemed to fix that by replacing the stock clips with wilson combat clips. unfortunately, when firing this time, it would frequently lock open as if there were no rounds left even though there were. hopefully he/we can figure out what is causing this, as it’s a nice looking gun and i wouldn’t mind keeping it.
while there, i also got to fire some rounds through a 9mm beretta cx4 storm and a bushmaster ar-15. i might just have to pick myself up a bushmaster sometime soon.

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