new dating profile…

this profile entry was written for me off-the-cuff by jamie
hi. i’m terry. i like intelligent alt. xian girls with tattoos and large breasts. i like riding my motorscooter, going out to see music shows, and playing on the computer all day long. i don’t ever drink or party, except when i feel like it, and then i can be found drinking something coconuty. i am so not into party girls that drink and smoke and get drunk and act stupid. i hate the water and am not one to be found aboard a cruise ship. i love to go out and eat at many different houston restaurants especially house of pies and almost any bbq place….
…i do not eat very healthily and i do not ever plan to. it is more fun that way. i like to take weird pictures of my coworker. we have way too much fun at work. i used to be a rocket scientist but now i am a hard core geek with no trace of windows to be found on any of my work boxes. i like to drastically change my appearance from time to time. i love movies a whole, whole lot…especially anything by wes anderson. i like to smoke cigars and impersonate fidel castro….
…i like to read cyber-punk books. i hate tv and do not even have cable or satellite. i like to take it easy and be mellow as often as possible. mushy whoppers are better than fresh ones. dogs are icky. sometimes i eat cereal for dinner. that is enough about me. email me if you are from this country and like what you read about me. NOTE: if you look like phoebe cates and can name johnny cash’s entire discography from memory we can get married on the first date.
i’m not going to say i buy all of it, but there’s a lot of accurate stuff to be found in there. now doesn’t that seem like someone all of the wonderful ladies would love to be with? ha. i’m so screwed.

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