road trip: day three overview

day three started off nice. the lady at the front desk of the nasty hotel gave us the name of a local meridian place to eat, so we headed to downtown meridian and ate at jean’s. meridian seems like a cool town.
after the marathon night drive, we only needed about 140 miles to get to montgomery, so once we’d finished eating we headed out on us80. we crossed into alabama during the day, which was the first state line we crossed on this trip during daylight hours, so it’s the first one we stopped to get pics of. right after entering alabama, my brother almost hit another bird…this time, a buzzard. i kept laughing thinking about that getting stuck in his handlebars and splattering. evidently a cold front or something rolled through the night before, because it was overcast and chilly. once we got past selma, the clouds took over and it got very misty/foggy. about 30 miles out of montgomery it got dark and started a light rain. we got into montgomery around 5:30pm, cold and wet, so we didn’t hunt for a place to stay – we just went to the first thing we saw. (which fortunately has free wireless internet access.)
after taking some time to change out of wet clothes and warm up, we went back out to find a place to eat. no local places were to be found open after 9pm (at least where we drove), so we ended up eating at a waffle house. it’s odd how almost no one seems to know where good local places to eat are. you ask people and they invariably tell you about a chili’s or outback steak house or something.
we had originally thought we’d get to montgomery and check in to a hotel and have a couple of hours to do stuff, but no such luck. so everything will have to happen tomorrow.

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