road trip: day four overview

i had the breakfast at the hotel this morning. i had an interesting conversation with an old gentleman. i went back to the room to pack and leave, but work had called and left a message and i had to do benefits enrollment before i could leave. which was a pain to get done. so we lost about one to one and a half hours for that.
but then we took off and went to the hank williams museum. it was pretty cool. we dropped by the monument and took a few pics, then we went by the cemetary where hank is buried. we then went and ate at noble’s, which is where the elite (pronounced “e”-light…*shrug*) used to be and was the last place hank played before he died. montgomery seemed like a pretty cool town, but we didn’t spend too much time there.
we then took off on us80 back to meridian. unfortunately, the temperature dropped fast so we decided we would stay in meridian. i think the news said it’s supposed to get into the 30’s tonight. we were going to go eat, but then i started feeling sick. i think it was something i ate. and right when i was finally feeling almost completely over my cold/sinus problems. (hopefully a night of sleep will get it over with.) we’re planning on getting some good miles in tomorrow.

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  1. It’s been my experience that when you start to fall asleep on a motorcycle and barely catch yourself right before you run off the road, or slam into the back of a semi (my personal favorite), you are usually good to go for another hour because of the adrenaline rush.

  2. i never got close enough to running into something or off the road (that i recall) that i got a big adrenaline rush. i just had to start singing the lyrics to all of the 80’s songs i could think of. i think my brother managed to stay awake by watching me drift to the right all the time (he was behind me). but honestly, i’m not sure i’ve ever gotten a big adrenaline rush. i’ve never experienced a “runner’s high” either. i get exercise-induced asthma. maybe that’s how my body produces/processes adrenaline.

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