no more windows at work!

…and i’m happy about it?
well you see, while the subject could refer to the fact that i have to sit in a cubicle (bleh) and thus have no door or windows, the actual intent is to announce that as of today i’ve finally managed to make my workspace “microsoft windows”-free. the only thing keeping me on a windows box was outlook (group calendars, official centralization toward exchange, etc), but a couple of weeks ago i set up a red hat fedora core 4 box and installed the linux citrix client and have been using it to run outlook through citrix. with the final big need for the windows os on my desktop(s) gone, today i wiped my windows xp desktop and installed novell suse linux on it. so my cubicle can now be officially certified windows-free.
this puts the following systems in my cubicle: novell suse 10 (linux), red hat fedora core 4 (linux), solaris 8 (will upgrade one of these days), and mac os x (10.4 – tiger).

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  1. We’re so proud…
    Don’t forget to open a backdoor RPC of some kind so management won’t lose control of your entire desktop computing environment.

  2. But if you’re running a citrix client, your still connecting to a windows terminal server on your machine. How about crossover or even better – open office? Not sure about the outlook thing, but it should work with crossover…

  3. From the land of windows, I send congratulations. Next time I have a delivery to Microsoft, I’ll let them know they are now officially in trouble.

  4. trueblade — yes, i’m still using a windows o/s through citrix, but at least it’s not my desktop o/s. it’s one more step removed, and none of the microsoft products are on my local box. i’ll still be using microsoft products because of outlook, since i wasn’t happy enough with evolution and their exchange connector at this point. i’m planning on using open office, but at times i’ll probably have to use visio or need to open files that need functionality only in the microsoft office suite. but those are all available via our citrix. and i’m not familiar with crossover. you’ll have to talk to me about it sometime.
    kevin — based on my company’s embracing of all things microsoft, i don’t think they are in too much trouble from my move. but don’t let that keep you from telling them anyway. : )

  5. Is this based on some animosity toward Microsoft, some desire to stick to to the man, or a desire to be independent/different?

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