ah, now we see the entertainment inherent in the system

the last few months i’ve sort of flitted with interest in 8-bit, lo-fi, experimental electronic, etc. music. so i decided this evening after work i’d head to the one place in houston i could think of that might actually have stuff in-store from this very small scene: soundwaves. i searched around but didn’t find anything. i finally gave up and went to the counter to ask about it. the guy wasn’t really familiar with the genre term or some of the band names (other than bit shifter), but when i was describing it he seemed interested. we talked about electronic music for awhile and where to find stuff and he said he’d been friends with someone who was a unix engineer that was into that kind of stuff. which was cool, so i said that’s what i was too. some more chatting, off into discussion of analog synth music and moogs and such. every now and then local bands were mentioned, then he said “there’s a band called the entertainment system” and i said “yeah, i’m familiar with them” and he responded “i was in the entertainment system for a couple of years.”
*sigh* i refrained from saying “oh yeah, my wife tamara tabo and i knew alistair isaac. well, she knew him better than i did. i mean, they fscked each other and had an affair behind my and everyone else’s backs and now they’re supposedly both living in california or something.” instead, i just said i enjoyed chatting with him and walked out so he could take care of the next customer.
funny how an enjoyable search for 8-bit music ends on a sour note about 2-bit people.

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  1. i’m not sure it’s possible. yummi-1 (y), yummi-2 (u), and yummi-5 (i) are still around (yui), but yummi-3 (m) and yummi-4 (m) live out of state now. yummi-1 and i have informally discussed trying to do something a couple of times (yi), but nothing ever came of it.
    yummi: http://www.failure.net/yummi

  2. yeah, i was completely shocked that you didn’t remember how to spell the name of a band that played twice, the last time probably over three and a half years ago. shame on you! ; )

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