road trip

my brother is coming down this evening. tomorrow we leave on a week long road trip. the general purpose of which is to head to montgomery, alabama and seek out hank williams’ grave. i’m not sure what else we’ll be doing, but it’ll be nice to get out on the road and get away from things.
in preparation, i went and took care of the 16k maintenance on my bike. i also got new front and rear tires. my front tire was pretty worn, but my rear tire was actually showing radial cords. yikes! i stopped riding it after i realized that, so it sat for about a week before i could get it to a shop. i also went and picked up my new motorcycle plate and put it on my bike (image). it’s one of the “native Texan” plates, the picture being the alamo and san jacinto monument with a Texas flag background. and for riding in cooler weather, i picked up a polyester face/neck mask and a black knit skull cap with flames on it (heh…that’s funny). and today i picked up some halloween gloves that have skeleton hands. that way i can look like ghost rider. 😉 hopefully we’ll have a good time on the trip.

2 comments on “road trip”

  1. Nice personalized license plate.
    I want to get away form things too – but unfortuantely I still have about 6 more weeks (until the cruise). Hope I can make it.
    Have fun…..ummm, I think — or whatever the equivalent thing to say is for a trip to a gravesite.
    Be safe.
    Vaya con Dios. 🙂

  2. it was my third choice. my first was “fsck” and my second was “l33t”, but those were either rejected or already taken. i’m not so happy since i couldn’t fit the “0” in, but it could only be four characters with specialty plates.

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