failure all around me

when tamara and i moved into our house, they were building a brand new albertson’s just a couple of blocks away. it was open 24 hours. it was great. then they stopped being open 24 hours. but it was still a good store. then albertson’s shut down a bunch of stores, including the one near here. so the skanky kroger that’d been across the street moved in. it wasn’t as good, but it was okay. they were open 24 hours at least. then they stopped that. a couple of weeks ago they put caution tape up around their gas pumps. “odd,” i thought, “i don’t remember a new hurricane scare and gas shortage.” then a few days later i went to buy some groceries…and the store itself closed. now there’s a sign on it saying a food town is moving in. a food town! bleh.
another thing is when we moved into the house we didn’t realize there was a landfill right across the major street from us. “oh great,” i thought, “that’ll be a benefit when we sell.” after a couple of years i guess they filled it up, because soon there was an incredibly hilly something taking shape. it turned out to be a golf course. what luck! but then after a couple of years the golf course closed. now it’s just sitting there as far as i know. maybe they’ll turn it into a motocross course. or a depository for radioactive material.
finally, when we moved in, we realized there was a “dead end” sign in our front yard. i used to think it was funny, seeing as i like to joke about failure and such. now i just think i was being laughed *at* by the gods, not *with*.

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