company lockdown

the company i work for is closing at 5pm today and won’t officially reopen until 7am monday. i am designated essential personnel and have agreed to be available throughout the events, assuming i don’t leave to go toward the coast so i can experience a hurricane in its full glory. so i’ll be in or around houston or the gulf coast region the whole time.
i have not made any storm preparations — no extra food, water, plywood, nothing. the only thing i’m planning on doing is making sure the gas tanks on my car and motorcycle are full. plus i have to go do the radio show tonight.

2 comments on “company lockdown”

  1. Are you still at [place of employment]? My mom and dad might go my dad’s [place] because [company] says all the repairs since allison will hold. They are full of patients.
    Press credentials could be useful in certain situations. You have to do at least a little research for your show, so it should qualify as news anyway. The motorcycle could be useful if you need to leave the city. You could get through all the traffic.

  2. i left work around 6:30pm yesterday. the building i work in is closed. i got an essential personnel badge though, so i can go into the main company buildings whenever i want. i’m not sure when or if i’ll go in. i still haven’t left the house since last night. i didn’t get a press badge last night.

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