who’s your daddy?

on sunday i went up north for a motorcycle ride at the request of a lady friend (the one i met a couple of weeks ago at the dale watson show). i picked her up and we rode around, ate lunch, talked, and rode around some more. it was enjoyable. when i went to drop her off at her house, i went in for some water.
turned out her two older kids were back home. a bit awkward, but i met them. then a few minutes later her mom showed up to see her grand-daughter’s new school clothes. a bit awkward again, but i met her too. a few minutes later, the sister showed up bringing back the youngest kid who’d spent the night at her place. still awkward, but i met her. then a few minutes later the dad showed up, coming to get the lawnmower. still more awkward, but i met him too. he seemed somewhat irritated and before going into another room told his daughter that he needed to talk to her later. i decided this might be a good time for me to leave, so she and i walked outside.
as we were standing at my motorcycle, her dad came out and walked straight up to me and looking somewhat upset said: “i need to ask you…just what are your intentions with my daughter?” *boggle*

i was a bit taken aback, but i replied: “um…i don’t have any intentions with your daughter. i just came up here to ride around with her and eat lunch.”
then he pointed at me and said “well, i don’t like your motorcycle, and i don’t like your earrings, and i don’t want you here. i want you to leave and not come back.” *boggle* so i replied: “sir, i’m not trying to cause any problems. i wish you’d maybe talk to me for a few minutes before you came to those sorts of conclusions. i’m a nice guy. i’m not doing anything wrong.”
so then he said: “do you know my daughter is married?” i replied: “um…i don’t know the whole situation, but i know she was married.” he said “are you married?” i replied: “well, i was married.” the whole time his daughter was telling him it’s none of his business, this is inappropriate, he needs to leave, etc. so i said “look, sir, if you’d like to talk with me, i’ll sit down and talk with you as long as you want about whatever you want. i’m not trying to cause any problems.” he interjected: “no, that’s my job. this is a difficult situation. my grand-daughter is in there, and she doesn’t need to see her mom dating some strange man.” so i said “we’re not even dating. we’re just friends. i don’t even know her that well. i understand you love your daugher and you want to protect her, and i respect that. but i’m not doing anything wrong, i’m not trying to cause any problems.” finally i guess he said everything he felt he needed to say and had unburdened himself, so he walked off. she then apologized profusely to me for his behaviour.
i had no idea i was such an unsavory character! maybe i’m cooler than i think. crazy unkempt rebel guy with earrings and a motorcycle. i’ll just have to keep from talking so they won’t realize i’m actually a nice guy that’s mostly reserved and polite and rather conservative…
of course, right before i went to leave it started pouring down rain, so i had to go back inside the house and wait for it to clear up some. she offered for me to stay and eat and watch a movie with them or something, but i was somewhat concerned that if dad came back and i was still there he might resort to physical violence, and i wasn’t really interested in that good of a story.
but in all fairness, i was evidently the first male to be observed with her by the family. and it sounds like it’s a somewhat difficult situation. so i should be willing to give him/them some slack. still, i never though i’d be put into the position of being cast in the role of the seedy biker guy that’s corrupting the family. how novel!

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