the secret life of a gang cd

this morning when i was backing my motorcycle out of the garage, i noticed a cd laying beside my driveway. there was stuff written and drawn on it with a red sharpie. i picked it up and looked at it. it was the typical graffiti font that all the cool taggers and yo-mtv-raps gangstas use. there was also a crude, poorly executed pic of a spray paint can spraying as if it had tagged some letters. “hhmmm…”, i said to myself, “i wonder what kind of music the local ganstas burn to cd to listen to?” i flipped the cd over and realized i’d actually been looking at the data side of the cd. on the side that had been facedown was a full-color, silkscreened “scooby-doo & the toons discover the alphabet” label (or some similar learning title) with scooby-doo and some cartoon network characters. now i know. (and knowing is half the battle.)

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  1. Sooo…did you play it? Was it helpful? Did you discover the alphabet? I don’t understand why you left us hanging like that. I support any cool tagger (huh?) that wishes to better themselves and I think it would have been interesting to have heard your review of this mysterious CD. Who knows? Maybe by “alphabet” they *really* mean that they discover the gangsta/graffiti font…….and you could have learned that!!! Think how cool you would be!!

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