music is good for the soul…right?

selections from the uplifting music in my cd changer:
still i would forgive you if you let me
i’d be glad if we could try again
no matter what you do, i always will love you
and you will never know how it hurts to see you go
–johnny cash “thanks a lot”
(“i still miss someone” is too obvious)
there’s her rings, all her things,
and her clothes are in the closet
like she left them when she tore my world apart
–george jones “the grand tour”
(i already covered “he stopped loving her today”)
home for sale, not all that old
a family’s dream stands dark and cold.
scenic views that go for free
of all the love that used to be
–dwight yoakam “home for sale”
(chosen over “this drinkin’ will kill me”)
[insert almost any hank williams tune]
with your wedding ring in one hand
and a bottle in the other
i sit and wonder what i’m gonna do
–johnny paycheck “with your wedding ring in my hand”

2 comments on “music is good for the soul…right?”

  1. If by “good for the soul” you mean ‘making even the happiest and most mentally sound humans want to leap off of a very tall bridge for the purpose of plunging to certain death because of sudden overwhelming depression’, then yes. Music IS good for the soul.
    Especially your selections there…like chicken soup, they are.

  2. While C&W does not hold a monopoly on breakup songs, IMO it does more often and better express feelings of loneliness in all circumstances.
    On that subject, there was a remake of Emmylou Harris’s “Heaven Only Knows” which I heard recently. I wish I knew who recorded it.
    Try not to wallow in your sorrow with this music too much. I can’t begin to relate to the pain you must feel. I am glad some of your posts express comments of hope.

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