do you want to come to the pants party?

sorry about the title, i think i’ve been drinking. (i love how people use drinking as an excuse for their behaviour…as the drive-by truckers sang: “alcohol doesn’t make you do anything, it just lets you”…or something along those lines.) i left the house and drove my motorcycle down 59 at 100+ mph for a bit, then ended up turning around and heading to sam’s boat at the fountains. oddly, my mom, my brother, and my friend jesse all called me right about the time tamara was supposed to be showing up. i wasn’t in much of a mood to talk though. jesse had read my previous blog entry and offered to let me hang out with him (thanks jesse), but i didn’t really feel like interacting much. so to sam’s boat i went (chosenly randomly because i know they serve alcohol and they’re fairly close to my house). i ordered the red beans and rice and started drinking. all told, i had either five or six “southern gentlemen”, which is what i named the drink the bartender at catbird’s had created and didn’t have a name for. it’s kalhua, bourbon, and 7-up. it tastes sort of like a cream soda, and it’s good. one of the waitresses at sam’s boat was very attractive in the way i like…cute and sexy and healthy (i.e., not model attractive or super-skinny or such). after jack finished with tamara (who didn’t take all that much stuff, as i’d expected…although jack told tamara and me that he was going to come over and throw it all away because i shouldn’t have to deal with it) he called me and headed over to join me. he offered to talk to the waitress for me (i declined) and offered to give me a ride home (i also declined). (thanks jack.) i called my brother while i was there and talked to him for awhile. did i mention i had a fair bit to drink? i wasn’t bad driving home or anything. but here i am. so i guess it’s over, for whatever that’s worth. not much. i hid a drawing i did inside the box of tamara’s 1979 xmas ornament (the year she was born, so it’s the first). i hope she opens it on xmas day one year. i have a scan of the drawing. i’ll upload it and make a link later sometime. right now i’m kind of tired and just want to go to bed. it’d be nice if i still had a wife who loved me to go to bed with. thanks, tamara. thanks for everything.

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