wedding weekend 2 (of 2)

well, the second wedding has come and gone. i had originally been hoping to ride the motorcycle, but the weather didn’t look like it’d be good for it, so i didn’t. which i’m glad of, because both there and back it was wet and/or raining for a decent portion of the trip. it did provide me the opportunity to listen to a fair amount of music in the element on the road.
i actually went to the ceremony this time, which was honestly pretty difficult for me to sit through. the vows, my marriage, meant so much to me, it was difficult to hear someone talk about what they mean and how things are supposed to go, and to watch two people smiling and making these beautiful and meaningful vows and know what i’ve gone through with mine. i ended up going off by myself and smoking a cigar for about 30 minutes or more until i could sort of regain my composure and get up the energy to do social interaction.
that said, it was great to see several college friends that i hadn’t seen in 7 or more years. they all surprisingly looked about the same, which i didn’t expect. i think i look a fair bit older and worse for the wear, myself. (but i looked like a 12 year old when i got to college, so hopefully i’ve got some spare youthful looks to burn through.) i hope i can manage to keep in some kind of contact with them. i’m not too good at that, but they were all good friends and it’d be a shame to never see/interact with them.
it was kind of nice that my friend i was staying with didn’t have a date, as it gave me someone to hang out with and not have to think as much about being alone (since everyone else i knew there had a wife or a date). not that i wish singleness on him or anything. but it was convenient for me in this instance.
my friend moose (a college nickname with a great origin story) had been very helpful at my wedding, so we’d bought him one of my groom’s men’s presents (a knife), but i’d never given it to him. this was the first time i’d seen him since my wedding, so i took the knife and gave it to him. it seems like i should have something clever to say about having the knife and giving it to him for helping at my wedding but not until after my marriage was over…but i can’t think of anything.

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