pageantry and barbeque

so i had the opportunity to go to a beauty pageant in san antonio on sunday. what an…odd experience. i felt like i was watching one of those documentaries where the people being filmed take it very seriously, but everyone watching the documentary can’t believe they’re for real (slasher, hands on a hardbody, american movie, etc.). i’m sure my background and opinions colour this heavily, but i just feel like it’s a lot of energy and passion about things that for the most part don’t matter that much. i mean, i like to look at a pretty girl as much as the next heterosexual guy, but it seems like pageants pervert all of that into some kind of weird thing, because it’s near impossible to separate the legitimate skills and honorable traits from the arbitrary societal skills and social attractiveness. (perhaps ironic i use “pervert” in that context.)
and of course, much of the time was spent with jack and myself in the balcony acting like those two old men from the muppet show. oh well, i’m sure they think i’m a loser and care too much about things that don’t matter as well. touche.
afterward, jack and i headed down to the river walk, where we paid way too much for mediocre margaritas (only one each though…the disparity between quality and cost was too great) and had some passable mexican food. we headed back to the car and i drove to seguin where we stopped for the night.
the next morning started off with a call from work at 7:30am. joy. back to sleep, then up for the free breakfast, which was generic and horrid by most any standard. (i guess that’s what we get for cheaping out and staying at a super 8. but the marriot on the riverwalk was booked full. seriously.) even though i thought it wouldn’t happen, back to sleep again. then up and on the road and to…
luling city market (in luling, Texas, of course). which is the current reigning champion in my personal bbq hall of fame. especially the sausage. oh man, that stuff is good. i could go on and on. but, really, it’s best for you to just go and have it for yourself. you can thank me later. and pick up some brisket and sausage for me while you’re there.
and that’s it for my quick jaunt to san antonio to watch a bunch of (mostly) young ladies wear evening dresses, formal gowns, and swimsuits, while they attempted to show their poise and grace onstage.

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  1. Sounds like a bizzare weekend. I got drug to a cat show in Austin once – kind of a similar experience. I mean hey, I like cats as much as the next heterosexual guy… 🙂

  2. hey great post…i have always wondered how it feels to be at one of those things.
    and any reference to hands on a hardbody are just great.
    by the way great post about dancing…i am with you with the standing there and her dancing around me…that is what kie always does while i am there.

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