motorcyle mania

before the show tonight, a friend of mine i hadn’t talked to much in awhile called and told me he’d purchased a motorcycle. he had a couple of female friends and was seeing if i’d be interested in riding to kemah or something. we ended up making plans to ride after the show. he showed up not too long after the show was over. he bought a used 02 honda shadow 750, if i recall correctly. the previous owner had spent a decent amount of time and money modding it. it had some nice pipes on it with a really good low, loud sound. so we ended up going to buffalo wild wings to eat and hang with the after-show irc meet-up clan, then driving around downtown houston for awhile, then stopping in at late night pie for a pitcher, then more riding around downtown and through montrose and such. he was pretty giddy about the bike, but i understand because i’ve had that same insane permanent grin about bikes before too. it’s a great feeling. i ended up staying out until around 2am, but it was a rather good time. hopefully we’ll end up being able to ride together now and then, since i don’t have anyone i normally ride with.

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