i failed to mention this, but sunday night/monday morning i had a dream that i got fired from work. it was kind of weird. i bring it up now because last night i had another dream about getting fired. it was very realistic and kind of shook me.
i was at a meeting and an IT security guy came in looking frustrated and upset and said something to my manager, then he said something along the lines of “what? 12 millions times?” then looked at me and said “oh, man. terry, this is no good. we just can’t allow this sort of thing.” i was getting nervous and running through my mind trying to think what i could have done. did i run something that went amuck and i didn’t know it? did i even really do whatever this was? so somewhat confused and tongue-tied, i started saying “what? what…did i do? i don’t understand.” and my manager and the IT security guy just looked disgustedly at me and my manager said “oh, come on, terry. don’t play this with us. you know we can’t let this slide. i’m sorry, man. you’ve got to go.” so the security guy started trying to get me to get up and pack my stuff, but i was still confused and trying to figure out what i was being fired for. then i woke up.
my work environment is kind of in a weird phase, so i can understand why my paranoia about what’s going on at work is being batted around by my brain while i sleep. but still, having dreams about getting fired isn’t enjoyable.

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