live music, drinking, and…dancing?!

…the only thing i forgot to do was gamble. 🙂 but seriously, tonight i headed to blanco’s to listen to the always enjoyable honky tonk sounds of dale watson. a lady asked me to dance, but i said i didn’t really dance. i ended up playing pool with her, hanging out and talking, then dancing to a couple of songs. which is difficult and surprising since i don’t know how to dance, and rather firmly resist requests to dance (not that i get asked very often…but then by societal standards i’m supposed to be doing the asking). the first time was just the shuffling, no-pattern dancing…the second time it was an attempt at two-stepping. i had an enjoyable evening, which in these days and times is a Good Thing [tm].

1 comment on “live music, drinking, and…dancing?!”

  1. Yay Good Thing [tm]!!
    She doesn’t even know how much she lucked out with Dale Watson playing and all….I mean if there were ever a chance of getting you to dance, twangy music and 18 wheelers would have to be involved. Phew!

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