true romance

you know, i really love the movie true romance. i’ve always identified with aspects of christian slater’s character. at least early on before he starts talking with his “mentor” and kills drexl and goes to california to sale a bunch of cocaine. (maybe that’s later in my life.) and i can see a lot of my relationship with tamara in the movie too, even with her being like alabama. i don’t think she was ever a call girl though, even for just a few days. unfortunately, like the original script — and unlike the tony scott film version — our true romance ended poorly. it’s funny and i guess maybe a bit ironic that a weird major event in the early part of our relationship centered around me playing a song that loops alabama saying “you’re so cool” into tamara’s answering machine. so i don’t get the happy ending with me and tamara and our child on the beach. i also don’t get a crazy whirlwind romance that ends with me getting shot in the head by a cop and mourned over by the girl i loved. instead i get to see the person i loved and devoted my life to fall away from me as our relationship disintegrates, cheat on me behind my back, be unwilling to try to work through it after i decided i could try and she asked me to, and then take me through the court system and attorneys instead of trying to make it as simple and painless as possible. some aspects of which explain why i find the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind so intriguing and compelling. more identifying with the two characters, but a somewhat more accurate depiction of the disintegrating nosedive of our relationship.

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