well, it finally happened. at exactly 10,800 miles i dropped my bike. fortunately, there was almost no damage at all. i was riding back to my hometown (brady, tx) with my brother and in llano we decided to stop at crissy’s bakery (it was mentioned positively in texas monthly recently). as i turned into their sand and crushed rock lot, i thought i’d pull under a shade tree, then i decided i’d back into the shade so i started to do a u-turn. the lot was mostly flat but sloped at a decent angle near the tree, which i’d already gotten close to since i was originally going to pull straight in. i got about halfway through the turn when i lost too much speed and the bike starting tipping. because it was on the slope the distance to the ground on my right side was further than usual, then the bike started slipping on the sand/rock. then my bike was laying on its side and i was standing up. *sigh* it scraped the front brake lever on the ball and moved/scraped the mirror a bit. i was able to loosen and reposition the mirror at my parents’ house, so no bending of metal occurred. my beautiful pipes were barely scratched at all, i think due to the driver foot peg and my day bag strapped onto the rear luggage carrier.
so all in all, things worked out okay considering my state of temporary driving stupidity. of course, i then felt stupid for doing such a boneheaded thing. my brother was joshing me during this episode saying “i’m a real biker! no, really! i’m cool!” so i rejoined with “i’ve been riding for years! this isn’t my first road trip or anything! really!” my bike took a bit to restart, then it died right before i was ready to pull out into traffic. *mumble*

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  1. Yes, I am glad that your “beautiful pipes” are okay…you should be back to singing again in no time.
    Actually that incident really doesn’t sound too bad considering that it was your first outing on the bike and all.

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