<apu>chock full of…heady goodness</apu>

went to the doctor today and got my general physical results. not much of a surprise…i’m overweight and have high cholesterol. guess that means i’ll have to learn how to spell that word now… cho lester ol. ahh, lester. everything else was okay. my numbers: “bad” (LDL or “low density lipids”): 150, “good” (HDL or “high density lipids”): 39, grand total on the toteboard of cholesterol luv: 216. if only i were at a point in life where i felt like i should care. well, honestly, if i had cared in the past i would already have known what my levels were and would have been trying to do something about it. it’s just that at this point in my life i feel like i have even less reason to care.

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  1. i think that u need a life please dont waist my time with our pathetic black comunity i would lkike to meetyour mum and kill her pets becuase i have a deepning hatrid for u, would u please die fatty

  2. 216 eh? Maybe you have titled this entry “almost dead but still twitching v2”??? 🙂

  3. Looks like no more BBQ for you!!!
    Well, wait a minute, let’s be fair…
    I think you can still have barbecued veggies.

  4. after finding out my cholesterol level, i went out that evening to have a celebratory meal. chuy’s. comida deluxe platter. cheese enchilada, beef enchilada, taco, flauta, rice, beans, and a queso-drenched fried tortilla. lunch the next day was bbq. over the weekend, texadelphia cheesesteak and then pizza. you can have the barbecued veggies, i’ll be at the donut shop. i’m taking zocor now, so my cholesterol will just magically lower. that’s how it works, right? 😉

  5. and as to mr. wink wink the angry young brit boy…
    ah yes. my first blog drive-by! i feel so special now. it’s sort of a case of good and bad though…
    on the bad side: spelling, punctuation, general presentation, meaning, logic…pretty much everything. is there any way to parse it that really makes any kind of sense to someone sane and sober? at least it’s so absurd that it’s entirely humorous (kind of like one of the dolts in a guy ritchie film).
    on the good side: i may have found a human with the mental level and capacity to be an appropriate adversary for my mum’s pets.

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