does the excitement ever stop?

on saturday (feb 19) someone broke into my house. fortunately for me, about all they took was 13 dvds and my ipod. (at least so far that’s all i’ve figured out they took.) considering the things they could have taken, $600 or so of stuff isn’t bad. i am concerned they probably got a good look at the things that were in my house though, and may decide it’s worth coming back again…perhaps with help. i hope that’s not the case, but there isn’t much i can do about it if they decide to. what a wonderful feeling of helplessness.
but, all in all, this is just one more thing to pile on the stack of crap that’s been happening in my life for the last couple of years. not that everything in the last two years has been bad, but i’ve had an incredibly difficult time coping with my wife’s decision to have an affair, the end of our marriage, and her decision to seek separate legal counsel and force us to go through lawyers. she doesn’t seem to care and treats it all like some matter-of-fact circumstance where we just didn’t work out and no big deal. but this stuff cuts me to the core of who i am, and hurts me in areas i never thought opening myself to her would cause me to be hurt. i find it really difficult to do anything, to get through the days sometimes. at least it’s been better for the last six months or so. but even when things are going okay and i feel alright, i know that everything is still there, waiting to overwhelm me yet again whenever it comes to the surface.