Texas is the reason

note: this is one of a number of entries that were lost in a server crash, followed by a desktop crash, back in late 2004. on march 1, 2009, i happened on a cache file on the crashed desktop hard drive, so i am reloading all of the entries with their original date and time values intact for posterity.

so i recently realized that my ancestors may have arrived in Texas while it was still the republic of Texas. i started poking around in some books, online, etc. and figured out the male immigrant leifeste i’m descended from arrived in galveston on jan 10, 1846. while the offer to join from the US, the legislative RoT approval, the vote of the people, and the acceptance by the US all happened before then — the actual, official, flag-changing entry into statehood didn’t occur until feb 19, 1846. thus i am a descendant of citizens of the republic of Texas. and i am eligible to join the sons of the republic of Texas. which is pretty damn cool in my book.

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