the wheels on the bike go round and round

note: this is one of a number of entries that were lost in a server crash, followed by a desktop crash, back in late 2004. on march 1, 2009, i happened on a cache file on the crashed desktop hard drive, so i am reloading all of the entries with their original date and time values intact for posterity.

mileage at the end of today: 228
i got a day up yesterday on my mileage, so i’m hoping to keep ahead. the sunburn experience convinced me to wear long sleeves now. i drove downtown, but didn’t park because there was evidently an astros game going on…parking was in short supply. i took a night ride to the house of pies on westheimer and ate, then rode out westheimer onto some farm and markets and such until i had no idea where i was, but managed to find a path back without retracing my steps. i love it when that happens.

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