ah yes…the virgin post

note: this is one of a number of entries that were lost in a server crash, followed by a desktop crash, back in late 2004. on march 1, 2009, i happened on a cache file on the crashed desktop hard drive, so i am reloading all of the entries with their original date and time values intact for posterity.

so it begins. the first entry of a probably soon-to-be-forgotten weblog. one of many, i’m sure. anyway, the main reason i set out to get this up and running is so i can crank out some thoughts on the most recent event in my life: my wife had an affair. that’s a pretty big one, huh? should be good for lots of thoughts and rants and crying and “fsck life” rambling, don’t you think? we shall see.
NOTE: i’m predating this entry a month. it’s really 11/04/03 as i write this, but i want to get the entries for some of the “big dates” on the actual dates that they occurred. i’m anal that way, i suppose. but hey, at least i didn’t lie to you and act like this was all done real time, right?

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