the crucified -- reunion show and new box set


oh. my. G-d. i just found out tooth & nail is releasing a 2-cd/1-dvd box set of the crucified's material, including the kgb demo, a remastered pillars of humanity, live videos, outtakes, etc. out june 30th. and only $20.

beyond that, i found out they are playing a reunion show at cornerstone. i'm not talking some random collaboration of a member or two...i'm talking the whole original lineup! salomon, bellew, chaffin, and minier. they'll be playing july 3rd. there's really no way i'm going. *whimper* this makes the third time i've missed an opportunity to see the crucified play at c-stone: their "farewell" show in '93 (i decided to keep my temp job in austin instead of making my parents foot my summer bills), their "reunion" show in '95 (i'd just started my new career job at lockheed martin and had no vacation time), and now this. not that i never saw them live...i did. numerous times. even once or twice at c-stone. but...they're the crucified! *drool*

given the history of the crucified, their (specifically salomon's) derision for being reminded of the band, etc., i'm really curious what the band's perception is of this reunion. perhaps time has healed the wounds, given them wisdom and an ability to reflect on those times -- to acknowledge the bad but be pround and happy about the good. at least i like to imagine that's the case.

update: haha. i'm watching a video of their recent show (june 14th 2009). salomon came out during the opening music ("hateworld"), walked around smiling and waving at people, walked up to the mic, then said "what happened? you guys got old!" and smiled his ironic smile.



Maybe they are coming back like everybody else is coming back? Believer just put a new album out... and it wasn't bad.

Tooth & Nail. Some of those guys go to my church. I used to take them their mail once a week too.

I guess I'm really out of touch with Xian music because I wasn't sure that T&N was still in business.

Yeah, I don't think I'm going to C-stone this year either... :-)

Happy birthday. Will there be a birthday post later today?

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