omg! zombies in austin! nazi ones at that!

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messages that showed on the board during the news article were:

|  NAZI  |   |ZOMBIES |   |THE END |
| RUN!!! | | RUN | |!!!!!!!!|

various people in the piece note the seriousness of such a prank, since the signs were warning of construction and detour information -- but seriously, does this message (which is what shows on the board after it'd been fixed in the news article) really help much when you're driving 30 mph down the highway:

|RD WK ON|   |   USE  |
| MLK | | 15TH ST|

maybe it's just me, but half the time i don't have the ability to read all of the information on those signs before i pass them. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if those signs cause some accidents because people are trying to read them before the pass them, waiting on the text to flip to the one page they haven't been able to read yet. then suddenly they're in the back of the ford focus in front of them because the traffic's stopped...just like the sign warns on the page it flips to immediately after the accident.

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Saw his on the news! Pretty funny, but could be very dangerous in the wrong hands!

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