ten (10) years of failure


today is the 10 year anniversary of failure.net. that's right, 10 years ago today i plopped down $70 for two years of ownership of the domain failure.net. it had never existed before. i didn't buy it from anyone. you see, the internet was still slightly fresh and somewhat untamed back then. even though i'd wanted my own domain for a while, ownership was more expensive (and less common) in those days, and i didn't have nearly as much expendable income. by the time i decided to do it, a number of other domains i was interested in were already gone. but i finally broke down and did it. and i was pretty happy with what i got. and it's been nothing but failure after stupendous failure since. makes a domain owner proud, it does.


Only in your mind! Others don't think so, so you shouldn't either.
Love ya,

Congrats on the failure!

Wow, 10 years. Here is to another 10 more.

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