i rode up into austin...


back in my jan 11th entry about visiting austin and seeing my nephew, i mentioned i had taken a few pics with the crappy camera on my motorola razr phone. i finally found the license key i needed to activate the image manipulation software, so now i can show you the pics.

this is the banner for linc and heather and miles when they returned home:


it's a play on the song "miles and miles of Texas" by asleep at the wheel (see below for more on that).

and here's a picture of miles, and one of my brother:


my brother was out on the front porch, smoking cigars with me and our dad. note the pensive "just what exactly have i gotten myself into? but somehow i'm still happy about it." look he's got.

"i rode up into austin, the cradle of the west --
just ask any cowboy, he'll tell you it's the best.
i met a Texas beauty, i got friendly with her pa,
i looked into her big blue eyes, this is what i saw --

i saw miles and miles of Texas, all the stars up in the sky.
i saw miles and miles of Texas, gonna live here 'til i die."

--asleep at the wheel "miles and miles of Texas"

(perhaps my brother is singing it right now.)


Yes, actually I am.

Hey, I recently met that Miles guy. He seemed pretty cool.

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