"wedding at the mariposa" poster


jaime -- a friend of linc's in austin -- does concert posters for various shows, as well as doing various other types of print artwork. based on posters of old westerns, he created a poster for linc and heather's wedding. here's a quick picture i took:



("mariposa" is spanish for "butterfly" so that might help explain the butterflies)

he hand-printed a limited run of 45 and they gave them to wedding party people and family. (the picture above is of mine.) he was at the wedding, and i know he got a lot of comments from various people about the poster.

by the way, jaime is the same guy who did the red and black hand-printed johnny cash poster i have framed and in my living room.


Hi- I saw the link to this poster on a wedding blog- would I be able to custom order one? Thank you for any information you might have on this.

Hi there! Do you think I could get Jamie's contact info? I would love him to do this for me!

(i emailed this, but i'm going to post it for others since i've had a couple of questions about getting in touch with him.)

i was in austin (where they all live) over the holidays and talked with jaime a bit. he gave me the url of his website, where he's starting to put some stuff up.


the site has some of the work he's done for concert posters and such, as well as contact info. i don't really have any idea what his rates are or if he has a minimum or anything like that. when i talked with him, i think he said he had just recently done some invitations and maybe some other stuff. but you could contact him and find out more info.

(note that his name is spanish "jaime", as in "hi may", and not the english "jamie", as in "jay me".)

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