intelligent design

i completed reading by design: science and the search for G-d by larry witham a few weeks ago. i had feared it would be a semi-intellectual attempt at defending the intelligent design movement. (there are a lot of semi-intellgent people clamoring to defend it. ;) i was pleasantly surprised to find it actually did a decent job of presenting the various modern views in science, and name-dropped quite a few different folk. i could definitely read a slant toward the i.d. side and a number of times it sort of seems to take shots at darwinists and anti-i.d. folk, but overall it read at a higher level and with more info than i'd expected. thank goodness. i really expected it to come across more as a semi-intellectual muckraking job in an attempt to defend i.d. and attack everyone else. you could do a lot worse than this book if you're trying to find a book about science and i.d. and modern views. (though if you don't like i.d. and christians who are scientists, then you probably would get annoyed reading it.)

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