sylvia's, wayne hancock, and travis club senators


is there anything finer than having a stomach full of excellent mexican food, driving down the road listening to great Texas country music while smoking a cheap cigar? probably. but it's pretty d4mn fine, nevertheless.

last night was the monthly "geek gathering" for the radio show i'm a part of (technology bytes, wed 8-10pm, 90.1 fm kpft). it was at tropioca on milam. it was pretty much all regulars, a few stragglers showing up an hour or two or three late.

after that, i headed over to blanco's to listen to the traditional country of james hand. he's got a new album out on rounder records entitled the truth will set you free, which i picked up. it was produced by ray benson and lloyd maines. it's good to see james get an album out on a bigger label.


No link to tropioca?

evidently links in comments are stripped before being displayed. your link to tropioca is still there in the backend, it just doesn't make it to the page.

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