home again, home again


nothing to report. some small twigs and leaves blown out of trees. no looting. my power never even went out. to emphasize how little happened: i had two cheap, light, plastic lawn chairs on the deck in my back yard (that i left as "missles" just to spite "the man")...they weren't even knocked over. i'm sure there are more impressive stories to be told by those in far east Texas and west louisiana.

oh yeah, dave left so i'm officially no longer harboring any rita refugees...er...evacuees.


great commentary! i think next hurricane...i will just keep tuned into the failure network... much more entertaining than ABC, NBC, etc.

hey we actually lost power...oh the humanity!! it made it even worse because the people across the street had power... coveting thy neighbors' power.

since then i have been a refugee...or whatever...(i guess i never evacuated so i can't be an evacuee)

by the way..just heard of a bunch of guys playing a drinking game watching the coverage. drink at everytime they use words like "contraflow" or "hunker down". warning... only play if you have A LOT of the beverage!

Can I post a link here?
If so, I'd like to submit my shirt idea:

i liked it so much i made it into an entry.

now if you'd just buy into the boy crying wolf analogy...


: )

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