i would say "good news, bad news" but...

friday i was getting nervous i hadn't heard from my attorney about the court date monday (like...you know, what to wear or not wear, where to go, what to do, what to say or not say, etc.). so i was about to call him up when my phone rang and it was him -- turns out tamara's attorney called him and wanted to move the court date because she/they want to try and come to an agreement before going to court. i'm not sure what caused this to happen or what's going on with tamara, but hopefully it'll bode well for me feeling like i am coming out of the situation treated fairly as far as money goes. who knows?

it also appears i may be a vigilante. i was unable to get my taxes filed on time. first, i learned i couldn't e-file because i live in a community property state and was married filing separately. second, after printing everything and writing the check out and putting it all in the envelope, i learned the automated postal system at the post office by my house was temporarily out of service. not knowing where another post office was, i went back home and decided to call and pay by phone while filing for an extension. unfortunately you have to know your adjusted gross income from the last year, and all of my documents are at the lawyer's office. so then i went to usps.gov and looked up locations and drove to a place where i didn't find any post office. so then i tried to go from memory to another one i saw on the website, which i couldn't find. defeated, i went back home. i decided to call and file for an extension and pay $0, which means late fees and interest penalties. but i got a confirmation for an extension...not sure if that matters or not since i'll be paying fees anyway, but i got one. *shrug*

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